The camera work is just part of the process. A lot of work is done in post using a suite of software. Below are some examples of images that have been retouched as compared with images straight out of the camera. Quite often a number of images are taken during the shoot and blended together for the final image.
Any portrait can benefit from proper retouching without overdoing it
An ordinary shot of a house converts to a halloween poster using some stock cgi figures and an atmosphere created in photoshop
The shot above was done for a flooring company where the original (a stock shot) was composited with flooring shot in studio
The composites above are a combination of a product shot done in studio with a stock image
The image above shows a building that is located at an intersection and is surrounded by electric poles and wires. Moreover despite our best efforts to keep the street clear of vehicles, we still had one vehicle that had parked overnight & the owner could not be located. Then when on assignment with a strict time schedule the weather may not cooperate. Careful retouching takes care of most of the shortcomings that could not be avoided.
The shot above is taken on an extremely gloomy day in Calgary. Minutes after this shot it started snowing. A tight schedule dictated that I was in that location for a day and at a time when the grass which normally is quite lush was less than adequate. For this reason, I maintain a library of skies & clouds.
Generally interior images present numerous challenges. Blown out light sources, the difference in the colour of light from indoors to outdoors, reflections on polished surfaces that kill the details. To overcome this as in the image above, a number of images are shot in different exposures & the details extracted from the ones that show them the best as well as introduction of flash to correct colour. The various parts are then blended together to give one image that looks as close as how the eye would see it.
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